OEM - Development Process


While EPC offers a host of standard product configuration options, we also know from experience that OEM customers often need features not found in our catalog. Whether for a new application or for replacement another encoder brand, EPC is ready to offer a solution. Our team of experienced sales engineers, applications engineers and technical services staff are available to work closely with you from design to first articles to production.

Step 1 - Qualification
During the initial consultation phase, our Sales and Engineering Applications team will develop a full understanding of your technical, commercial and timing requirements. EPC will determine whether or not we can offer a viable solution, including any applicable previous designs, or if a new specification will be required.

Step 2 - Preliminary Design
Once the qualification process is complete, EPC will propose a preliminary design solution, or we may consider a customer-generated design.

Step 3 - Budgetary Proposal
Upon mutual agreement on the design, EPC will offer a proposal outlining timing considerations and budgetary costs for engineering, documentation, tooling, materials and first articles. We'll also provide a budgetary unit cost.

Step 4 - Design Approval
Once the design requirements have been developed, drawings and/or written descriptions are provided for review and written approval.

Step 5 - First Articles
Upon receipt of your order, we'll assign a unique SPEC Number that references your custom design and produce a first article for evaluation. Once you're satisfied that the encoder will work as intended, your sign-off on the First Article Approval clears the way for production.

Step 6 - Production
Materials for every custom encoder are stocked based on the usage requirements of the customer. Certain unique items may be customer supplied and kept in EPC inventory. Once fully documented with work instructions, wiring aids, and any special tooling purchased, orders are released to the production floor and often built within our standard lead time.


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