OEM - Products Grouped By Application


In response to the widely varying feedback requirements found in today's industrial automation environment, EPC has developed a broad range of versatile product models. For certain applications we've optimized our standard Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental features.

For the following application categories, encoders typlically recommended are listed with links to the product page.

Linear Measurement: TR1, LCE
Large Motor Feedback: 770, 771, 775, 776, 865T, 25T
Small Motor Feedback: 15T/H, 755A, 260
High Resolution: 755A, 702, TR1
Absolute Positioning: 925, 960, 958
Instrument Duty: 15S, 15T/H, 755A, 260, 121
Industrial Duty: 711-716, 702, 725I, 25T, 260, 225, 758
Harsh Environment Industrial Duty: 725I, 716 IND12, 865T, 802S
Explosion Proof: 716 EX

Selecting the proper encoder for the job is critical to having a reliable feedback solution. Please make use of our Applications Engineering and Technical Support team to ensure that your encoder is the perfect fit.



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