OEM - Supply Chain Support


Thanks to our well-established network of distributors who make a living supporting the machine OEM's of the world, we are positioned to meet your commercial requirements.

EPC offers the following value add services for our OEM customers:

Volume Pricing - Special pricing based on annual volume commitments. Minimum product runs apply, usually 10 pieces.

Blanket Orders - Scheduled releases aid your inventory control and planning.

Two-Tier Inventory Support - EPC's distribution partners can stock inventory for you.

Expedited Delivery Options - For those rare occasion when your customer in the field is in a bind, we can build and ship one unit in as little as a day.

Drop Shipping Service - When delivery times are critical, we can drop ship directly to your customer.

Quality Reporting - For qualified OEM's we can supply periodic quality reports regarding first pass acceptances, warranty and repair returns if applicable.



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