Expert Cross Reference Service

Replacing Encoders Has Never Been Easier

For over 30 years, Encoder Products Company has earned the reputation as a premier provider of innovative products with uncompromising quality, delivered in accordance with the customer's need and done so with competent and courteous Customer Service at a competitive price. If your current encoder supplier falls short in any of these areas of service...then we need to talk!

The following encoder suppliers are commonly replaced by EPC. If you do not see your supplier, please contact us.

Omron IDM
IVO Gmbh
Lenord & Bauer
Fork Standards
Leine & Linde

Whether you are in Production Maintenance trying to keep a plant running or, as an OEM Machinery manufacturer, looking to establish a relationship with a new vendor-partner for encoders, we here at EPC would like to invite you to consider our expert cross reference service. It doesn't really matter why you need a more reliable and responsive source, just know that EPC is uniquely qualified to step in and resolve your service/supply problems in an efficient and effective manner.

EPC provides a full compliment of encoder package styles, technologies and service options from the simple to the complex, to fit each customer's unique needs. Custom mounting, connectors, cable lengths, etc. is what we do best. No inquiry is too small or too large. And with operations in the UK and China, EPC is uniquely configured to offer global service and support to our OEM business partners.

It is highly likely that you and your organization would benefit from relying on EPC, a supplier whose only business emphasis for over 30-years has been the design, manufacture, supply and support of encoders.

For more general information about how EPC might solve your cross reference needs, please contact Customer Service. Or if you have a specific cross reference that you would like us to respond to at this time, please take just a minute and fill out our Sales Request Form we will respond to you shortly.

Thank you for considering Encoder Products Company.


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