Product Descriptions

Encoder Products Company Inc. (EPC) began operations more than 30 years ago with a small line of custom encoders (the original Cube series!). Today, more than 30 years later, EPC manufactures the most complete line of incremental and absolute shaft encoders in the industry, meeting the diverse needs of a wide range of global customers. EPC has also been responsible for a large number of "firsts" in the encoder industry, including the first use of Opto-ASIC technology and the first use of flex electronics, to mention just two. These innovations have not only been widely imitated, they have often become industry standards.

All Accu-Coder™ encoders share the following characteristics:
• Best-in-the-Industry 3 Year Warranty
• All products are built to order so you aren't forced to "take it because its available"
• Competitive Pricing with discounts available for large OEM accounts
• Standard shipping time is 4 to 6 Working Days - Best standard delivery in the industry
• No expedite charge for 1-Day build and ship on a single unit, most configurations

Incremental Encoders
Incremental Encoders, and, in particular, incremental optical encoders, are the most popular choice of sensors in applications where mechanical motion must be processed into digital information. Compared with alternate technologies (such as resolvers, tachometers, etc.), optical encoders represent the best combination of accuracy, resolution, reliability, ruggedness, ease of use, value and variety of solutions in the industry. For these reasons, optical encoders are the overwhelming choice where speed, rate, velocity, distance, position, or direction must be accurately and economically measured. Resolutions up to 30,000 counts per revolution (CPR) and operating temperatures up to 120° C (248° F) are just some of features.

Iincremental encoders are into three model groups, OEM Models, Shaft Models, and Bore Models. Each model group has unique physical styles which include many mounting options, case styles, and useful features.

Absolute Encoders
As with all of EPC's encoders, these absolute encoders represent the best overall value available. Their simplified design make them ideal, cost-effective solutions to many problems faced in motion control and in industrial automation. They are particularly suited for applications where a device is inactive for long periods of time or moves at a slow rate, such as flood gate control, telescopes, cranes, valves, etc., and in machine tooling, printing, paper making and many other industries.

Absolute encoders generate a unique binary "word" output for each resolvable shaft position so that each shaft position is fully determined. By using absolute position rather than incremental count data, the shaft position is always known, even after power interruptions or in the presence of electrical noise. System design can also be simplified because there is no need to perform a reference cycle or return to home function to determine the true machine position.

EPC offers single turn devices with resolutions ranging from 8 bit (256 counts per rev) to 12 bit (4096 counts per rev). You can choose from a variety of formats, including binary or gray code, and from a variety of output types. Also available are innovative hollow bore models that extend the application areas suitable for absolutes.

Linear Encoders
The Linear Cable Encoder (LCE) from Encoder Products Company provides a rugged, accurate, yet cost effective solution for linear measurements up to 50 inches. The LCE features a highly-tensioned heavy-duty measuring cable that was designed for high-acceleration and high-cycle demands. The internal opto-electronics were designed with EPC's state-of-the-art ASIC technology, which has been proven in our ultra-reliable Rotary Encoder family of products. The LCE is designed for use in a variety of applications such as cut-to-length, hydraulic cylinder monitoring, flight testing, automotive testing, injection molding, metal forming, and gate positioning.

If you already have a Cube Series encoder, our Linear Cable Adaptor (LCA) can be field installed on most Cube Series Standard and Industrial housings in a matter of minutes.

Another innovative linear encoder, the Tru-Trac™, integrates an encoder, measuring wheel and adjustable spring loaded torsion arm into a single, easy-to-mount, compact unit. Simplifing system design and installation, saving both time and money. Tru-Trac™ provides accurate measurement of distance, velocity, or position over a variety of surfaces. The adjustable spring loaded torsion arm provides flexible wheel pressure adjustments allowing Tru-Trac™ to be mounted in almost any orientation, even upside-down. The threaded mounting shaft on the pivot axis is reversible in the field, making it easy to change your installation location. With a composite housing that eliminates static build up, measurement speeds of up to 3,000 feet per minute, and a wide variety of configuration options, Tru-Trac™ is the perfect solution for countless applications.

Stainless Encoders
Harsh factory and plant floor environments often call for a little something extra in an encoder. Moisture and chemicals can corrode components, resulting in loss of operation. EPC's Stainless Steel Series Accu-Coder™ Brand Encoders provide the extra protection you need for your harsh environment by housing the encoder in quality 316 stainless steel. As with every Accu-Coder™ the Stainless Steel Series is manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring you of the quality you've come to expect from Encoder Products Company.

EPC understands that Accessories are often the difference between an installation that goes smoothly and one that doesn't. For that reason, EPC offers a wide range of accessories that are designed to not only make your life easier, they are all also manufactured to EPC's high standards, insuring years of trouble free service. In addition, they have been tested with the products they complement, so that you don't have to worry about proper form, fit, or function.

OEM Custom Products
In addition, EPC has developed many ingenious, unique custom encoders for a diverse group of corporate customers. Give us a call if you haven't found what you need in the above, and EPC's design team will see if they can put together a solution just for you.


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