Encoder Accessories

Encoder Products Company offers a wide range of accessory items to help you complete your encoder application. Our measuring wheels, mounting brackets, signal conditioners, mating connectors, and other accessories have been engineered for perfect, seamless integration with your EPC encoder. In addition, any powered accessory item, such as our Signal Conditioners, are covered by EPC’s 3-year warranty.

Mating Connectors

To ensure that your encoder signal reaches its intended destination, use Accu-Coder® mating connectors.

Encoder Connector-Cable Assemblies

Our shielded cable and mating connectors have been tested to meet stringent standards for quality and performance.

Industrial Ethernet Cables

Cables for use with EtherCAT®- and PROFINET®-ready absolute encoders.

M12 (12 mm) Cordsets

Available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-conductor cordset specifications.

Encoder Bulk Cable

Available in standard, twisted pair, and high temperature options.

Signal Enhancement | Repeater, Converter, Splitter

Products that modify, split, repeat, or test the encoder signal.

Linear Measurement Brackets

Brackets allow for convenient mounting of an encoder and measuring wheel over the surface being measured.

Linear Cable Adaptors

Used with Cube Encoders, the adaptors provide low-cost alternatives for obtaining accurate linear measurement.

TR2 Racks & Pinion Gears

Stainless steel racks, pinion gears, and flexible racks.

Polyurethane Faced Measuring Wheels

Measuring wheels offering a selection of  circumferences and durometer ratings.

Aluminum Faced Measuring Wheels

Available in knurled and hard anodized aluminum, in a variety of circumferences.

Rubber Insert Measuring Wheels

Ideal for smooth materials, rubber insert measuring wheels are available in a variety of circumferences.

Programmable Encoder Accessories

Programming Interface Cables, USB Programming Module, and Field Programming Software.

Flexible Shaft Couplings

Used to attach an encoder shaft to another rotating shaft.

Accu-Coder Bore Inserts

These inserts allow encoders to be applied to shafts of varying diameters.

Encoder Kits for Large Motors

Preconfigured motor kits include the encoder, mating connector, protective cover, and installation hardware

Angled Brackets & Mounting Adaptor Plates

All brackets and plates are made of durable materials and have the proper mounting holes and geometry for easy application to Accu-Coder® encoders.

Anti-Rotation Flex Mounts

Flex mounts keep a hollow bore or thru-bore encoder from rotating with the shaft it's mounted on, and allows the encoder to accommodate shaft endplay and runout, and protects the bearings.

Protective Encoder Covers

Protective covers keep encoders safe from hazards, such as impacts or contaminants.

Gaskets & Seal Kits

Gaskets allow for enhanced environmental sealing to protect the encoder. Kits are designed for easy installation and manufactured of durable, tight-sealing gasket material.

Hubs, Flanges, & Clamps

Many EPC models can be fitted with specialty hubs, flanges, or clamps, such as NEMA motor mount versions.

Tru-Trac Accessories

A range of accessories designed specifically to accompany our line of Tru-Trac® Linear Solution products.

Model 30M / 30MT Accessories

Accessories to customize your magnetic encoder module to your motion control application.