Model DR21R Accu-Coder®

  • Replaces select discontinued RCH20D and RHS25D Renco encoders

Model DR21R Features

  • Line driver output with ABS stepped voltage output
  • Quadrature with index
  • 5 VDC input voltage
  • End-mount 16-pin header connection
  • Operating temperature up to 100°C
  • Replaces select Renco models RCH20D and RHS25D encoders

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Model DR21R Description

The Accu-Coder® Model DR21R is a highly customized, Direct Replacement Encoder with a unique, OEM-specific ABS stepped voltage output channel. Model DR21R configurations replace select Renco RCH20D and RHS25D models* originally installed on legacy F, H, W, N and HSM servo motor models. An exact mechanical and electrical cross-reference for these obsolete Renco configurations, the DR21R also incorporates EPC’s advanced Opto-ASIC sensing technology, providing superior thermal stability and signal reliability.

*These models have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and are increasingly difficult to find and costly to replace.

Renco to Accu-Coder® Part Number Cross-Reference

Renco Model # EPC Part # CPR Pole count Bore size Bolt circle Index gating Motor series
RCH20D-2000/4-1/2-5/0-LD/VC-7-M6-S DR21R-01 2000 8 0.500' 3.125" A F
RHS25D-P3-2000/4-1/2-5-CA6-LD-MS-CM-S DR21R-01* 2000 8 0.500" 3.125" A F
RCH20D-5000/4-1/2-5/0-LD/VC-1-M6-S DR21R-02 5000 8 0.500' 3.125" A & B F
RCH20D-2000/2-8MM-5/0-LD/VC-1-M6-S DR21R-03 2000 4 8 mm 2.375" A & B H, HSM2
RCH20D-2000/3-8MM-5/0-LD/VC-1-M6-S DR21R-04 2000 6 8 mm 2.375" A & B H, HSM3, HSM4
RCH20D-2000/4-1/2-5/0-LD/VC-1-M6-S DR21R-05 2000 8 0.500" 2.375" A & B H, HSM6, HSM8
RCH20D-5000/3-8MM-5/0-LD/VC-1-M6-S DR21R-06 5000 6 8 mm 2.375" A & B H
RCH20D-2000/3-1/2-5/0-LD/VC-7-M6-S DR21R-07 2000 6 0.500" 2.375" A W
RHS25D-P3-2000/3-1/2-5-CA6-LD-MS-CM-S DR21R-07* 2000 6 0.500" 2.375" A W
RCH20D-2000/2-12MM-5/0-LD/VC-1-M4-S** DR21R-08 2000 4 12 mm 1.812" A & B N

*Requires 6" Mating Cable, part # 080499-01

**Includes hub shaft cover


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