Cables, Connectors, & M12 Cordsets

Your EPC encoder is designed to produce a clean, stable and reliable signal in a variety of operating conditions. To ensure that your encoder signal reaches its intended destination be it a counter, PLC, or controller use genuine Accu-Coder® cables and connectors. Our shielded cable and mating connectors have been tested to meet stringent standards for quality and performance. All cable assemblies are assembled in our in-house cable department in accordance with industry best practices.

EPC cable and mating connector assemblies (6-pin, 7-pin, 10-pin, and 12-pin) can be ordered to your specified length and with the proper Accu-Coder® pin-out. Also, both encoder bulk cable and mating connectors can be ordered separately. Our 5-pin and 8-pin M12 cordsets are available in a variety of lengths. If you don’t see the length you need, contact Customer Service at 1-800-366-5412 as other options may be available.