Absolute encoder communication protocols

The communication protocol you choose for your application will determine the communication protocol of the encoders in that system. Read below for more information about the communication protocols available with EPC's line of absolute encoders.


EtherCAT® is a protocol optimized for process data, using standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Frames. Each slave node processes its datagram and inserts the new data into the frame while each frame is passing through.

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PROFINET® is widely used by major industrial equipment manufacturers. PROFINET RT can be used in PLC-type applications, while PROFINET IRT is a good fit for motion applications.

All EPC PROFINET® documentation



CANopen® is a CAN-based communication system. It comprises higher-layer protocols and profile specifications.

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Synchronous Serial Interface, or SSI, is a simple serial communications protocol designed for data transfer between computers or user terminals and smart sensors.

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