Control Area Network (CAN) bus, is a high-integrity serial bus system originally created as an automotive vehicle bus, which later came to be used as one of the fieldbuses for industrial automation. CANopen® is a CAN-based communication system. It comprises higher-layer protocols and profile specifications and provides a physical and data link layer for serial communication with speeds up to 1 Mbps. CANopen® and DeviceNet™ are higher level protocols standardized on top of CAN bus to allow interoperability with devices on the same industrial network. CANopen® supports 127 nodes on the network while DeviceNet™ supports 64 nodes on the same network.

EPC CANopen® encoders use communication profile CiA 301 and device profile CiA 406 V3.2 class C2.



CANopen EDS file downloads

download_blueEDS file – for all CANopen® encoders

See CANopen® Documentation below for additional PDF downloads.

EPC's CANopen Encoders

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