Case Studies

Keeping Aviation History on Target

The Oakland Aviation Museum's flight simulator required low-profile, visually unobtrusive, motion feedback to support its historic Norden Bombsight exhibit.

Image credit: Rama, Wikimedia Commons.

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Tru-Trac™ Keeps Cut Lengths Accurate, Every Time

Custom machinery manufacturer Hipsher Tool & Die, Inc., discovered that a specific product was consistently out of spec, despite the machinery working perfectly.

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Slim Profile Encoder Mounts Out of the Way

A well-known manufacturer of high quality industrial lifting, positioning, and transfer products needed to solve a tough issue: their encoders were sustaining continual damage in normal day-to-day operations.

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EPC's Encoders Help Stop West Nile Virus

Mosquito abatement is a time-sensitive endeavor. When Clarke Mosquito Control had enough of the downtime and service calls due to frequently failing encoders, they came to EPC for a more reliable solution.

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A Heavy Duty Accu-Coder™ for a Demanding Application

New precision timber-harvesting equipment could produce higher volume and quality than the competition, but needed an encoder with specific resolution, output, and extreme durability to do so.

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Keeping an Explosive Situation Under Control

As a major supplier of heavy equipment for the mining industry, Ground Force Worldwide requires encoders that are cost effective, and resist both environmental abuse and the caustic chemicals that make up explosives.

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The Rugged 30M Fits into Tight Spaces

When Brad Newman of Newman Brothers Logging came in our door with his equipment in hand, it was an interesting day for our technicians.

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Programmable Shaft Encoder Solves Engineers' Dilemma

With all of the innovation Kirk-Rudy is known for, they're still careful not to reinvent the wheel. So when they developed the latest generation of their inkjet printers, they needed to find a way to retrofit them into their systems.

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EPC's Quick Response Keeps Production On-Target for Semicon Equipment OEM

The company used a custom incremental encoder in one of their aligner systems. Their supplier decided to discontinue their encoder, however, and the unit offered as an alternative would not fit the application’s space constraints and cost requirements.

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Tru-Trac™ Keeps this Frankenstein Alive

When an iron works company needed to assemble a machine from many different parts, the Model TR2 Tru-Trac™ provided the essential motion feedback.

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25SP Saves the Day

When a fellow exhibitor at PackExpo had their entire display go down, they came to EPC for help.

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