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“I was amazed we were able to get an exact match with the encoder we had been buying, and in such a short time. EPC was very responsive in addressing the technical issue that arose late in the game.”

Lead Engineer

Programmable Shaft Encoder Solves Engineers' Dilemma

With all of the innovation Kirk-Rudy is known for, they're still careful not to reinvent the wheel. So when they developed the latest generation of their inkjet printers, they needed to find a way to retrofit them into their systems.

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EPC's Quick Response Keeps Production On-Target for Semicon Equipment OEM

The company used a custom incremental encoder in one of their aligner systems. Their supplier decided to discontinue their encoder, however, and the unit offered as an alternative would not fit the application’s space constraints and cost requirements.

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Tru-Trac™ Keeps this Frankenstein Alive

When an iron works company needed to assemble a machine from many different parts, the Model TR2 Tru-Trac™ provided the essential motion feedback.

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25SP Saves the Day

When a fellow exhibitor at PackExpo had their entire display go down, they came to EPC for help.

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