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What are motor encoders, and how do they work?

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What Is an Encoder?

Encoders are used in machinery, in all industries, for motion feedback and motion control.

¿Qué es un Encoder?

Para nuestro propósito, los encoders se utilizan en maquinaría para el control de movimiento.

What Is an Optical Encoder?

An optical encoder uses light shone through a coded disk to track the movement of a shaft.

Applying Rotary Encoders in Packaging

Packaging equipment involves rotary motion along several axis, requiring motion feedback from a rotary encoder.

How to Select an Encoder for Inkjet Printing

There are four criteria to consider when selecting the optimal encoder for each unique printing application.

C-Face Solutions for Motor Feedback

EPC's C-face encoders use an internal flex mount that accommodates shaft run-out while maintaining alignment.

Turn a Shaft Encoder into a Linear Measurement Solution

When your application needs something our Tru-Trac encoders don't offer, you can create a custom solution.

Cross Reference on the Fly!

Within 30 minutes of showing us a photo, the customer received our recommendation, and had the replacement unit a few days later.

Referencia Cruzada Rapida

A los 30 minutos de mostrarle a Steve la foto, el cliente recibió un correo electrónico detallando nuestra recomendación de referencia cruzada.

Replacing Tachometers with Optical Encoders

Tach generators produce a voltage signal while they rotate, which is ill-suited for position control.

Motor Encoders

Motor encoders are rotary encoders adapted to provide information about an electric motor shaft's speed and/or position.

New Model A58SB

The new Model A58SB absolute bus encoder is designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments.

New Model LCX Draw Wire

The new draw wire solutions offer wire lengths from 1 to 42.5 meters and a choice of encoders.

New Model PLMS

EPC's newest linear measurement solution with a spring-loaded mounting bracket and choice of encoder and measuring wheel.


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