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Programmable encoders for versatility in packaging



Multi-turn absolute feedback for your application



Track linear positioning with a draw wire + encoder
Litehouse Foods – Model 25T

Sandpoint, Idaho

Schweitzer Mountain Resort – Model 725

Sandpoint, Idaho

Vaagan Brothers Mill – Model 25T

Colville, Washington

Keck Observatory – Model 15T

Waimea, Hawaii

Duff Norton – Model 15T

Charlotte, North Carolina

In-Line Packaging – Model 15T

North Charleston, South Carolina

Multi-Turn Absolute Encoders
EtherCAT® Absolute Encoders
Model 58TP

Programmable Thru-Bore Encoder

Model 25SP

Programmable Shaft Encoder

Model TR1 Tru-Trac® 

Linear measurement solution

Models TR2 Tru-Trac® & LCE

Linear measurement solutions

Model TR3 Tru-Trac®

Heavy duty linear measurement solution

Model 25T

Thru-bore rotary encoder

Model 25T DMR 

Direct Motor Replacement kit

Model 30M

Product introduction

Programming Your Accu-CoderPro®

Models 25SP and 58TP

Model 58TP

Installation instructions

Model 121

Installation instructions

Model 30M

Installation instructions

Model 30MT

Installation instructions

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