Model A36R Absolute Encoder

  • Multi-turn thru-bore or blind hollow bore encoder
  • ∅36 mm (1.42")
  • BiSS C or SSI communications

Model A36R Features

  • Single turn/multi-turn absolute encoder (22 Bit ST / 24 Bit MT)
  • BiSS C or SSI communication
  • Standard 36 mm dia. package (1.42")
  • Low profile – 1.0" (25.4 mm) depth
  • Flex mount options eliminate couplings and are ideal for motors
  • Optional battery/backup power interface for data retention in the absence of primary power
  • Available with bore sizes up to 10 mm

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Configure a 3D model of this encoder with the exact specifications for your application. Then download the files in almost any native format, and design it in to your application.

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Model a36r

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Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Model A36R Description

The Model A36RTB (thru-bore) or A36RHB (blind hollow bore) offers a high-performance solution to your absolute feedback needs. Its innovative blue LED and reflective sensor technology deliver accurate high-resolution feedback in a compact thru-bore housing. The XXL multi-turn option adds a low power turns-counting circuit offering a variety of backup options including EPC’s embedded battery cable, which has a long-life battery built directly into the controller-end of the cable.

This encoder is especially suited for applications where position information must be retained after loss of system power. The use of blue LED and reflective technology along with excellent shock and vibration ratings make it a highly versatile encoder. Available with bore sizes up to 10 mm and a wide selection of flexible mounting options, the Model A36R is easily designed into a variety of applications.

BiSS C Encoder Interface

The A36R is compatible with the BiSS C interface.  BiSS C is similar to SSI and can be used unidirectionally like SSI, and stands for Bidirectional interface for Serial/Synchronous.

Unlike SSI, BiSS C also supports bidirectional communication and operates at speeds up to 10 Mbits/sec. BiSS-C can address internal registers in the encoder that can be read by and written to by the master with data about the encoder or motor and controller. BiSS-C encoders can also carry other digital data (temperature, etc.) and transmit the data to the master on demand, without interfering with real-time operation.

This communications protocol is used by industrial automation devices and a common high speed reliable digital solution between absolute encoders and motion controllers.

Model A36R Accessories


See Absolute Encoder Connector-Cable Assemblies for 6M1C cable options.

Please contact EPC Sales at (800) 366-5412 to order cables for the A36R with RMH (pin header) option.

Mounting and Installation

Order the appropriate installation kit at no charge. Choose standard or metric measurements. These kits work for SB, SC, and SD flex mount options. Each kit contains 10 screws for mounting 5 encoders.

  • Stock #176150-01 Standard Installation Kit
    4-40 buttonhead screws with 0.062" shortened hex wrench
  • Stock #176149-01 Metric Installation Kit
    M 2.5 buttonhead screws with 1.5 mm shortened hex wrench


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