Custom Engineering Services

Sometimes a custom design is the right solution. EPC's standard product catalog offers millions of configurations, right off the shelf. But if none of our products seem to fit your application needs, contact us. 

We can design a custom solution specific to your application. Maybe it's adding a custom CPR to a standard model, or maybe it's something completely unique altogether. Currently, we provide over a thousand custom designs, and our Application Engineering team is ready to support your special requirements with:

  • Engineering and design services
  • Custom machining
  • Inventory planning

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Our Applications Engineers will help you design the right encoder for your application.

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Examples of custom designs

Custom requirements commonly involve the need for a non-standard option, such as different pinouts, connectors or cables, mounting features like bolt patterns, waveforms, or CPR. Two recent custom projects involved combing two standard products into one.


Stacked encoders for redundant feedback

Our customer needed redundant feedback in a compact package. EPC specified two of our smaller models – the Model 30M magnetic encoder module (top left), and the optical rotary Model 15T (bottom left). To reduce the overall stack height by 0.1" (inset), we modified the Model 15T housing so the Model 30M nests inside. The unit's final dimensions are ∅1.5" by 1.5" high.


Programmable linear measurement with a draw wire

Our customer required the flexibility of a programmable encoder with draw wire capability. Because we already manufacture a 50" draw wire unit designed to pair with a Cube encoder, we could adapt the draw wire to accept the Model 25SP programmable encoder instead of the Cube. This allowed the customer to program the pulses per inch of draw, and change the resolution as needed in their application.


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