Hubs, Flanges, & Clamps

Hubs, Flanges, & Clamps Description

To provide maximum application versatility, many EPC models can be fitted with specialty hubs and flanges, such as NEMA motor mount versions. While most of the flanges and hubs below can be ordered when configuring your Accu-Coder™ encoder, we offer them separately to allow for field adaptation of an encoder or field replacement due to wear or damage. All EPC hubs and flanges are manufactured of durable materials and machined to precision standards.


NEMA mounting hubs

Size 15 NEMA Mounting Hubs

For all Size 15 series encoders to mount your encoder directly onto a motor. 

Stock # Description Coupling size
175488-01 NEMA size 34 6 mm
175489-01 NEMA size 23 6 mm
175488-02 NEMA size 34 1/4"
175489-02 NEMA size 23 1/4"
175488-03 NEMA size 34 3/8"
175489-03 NEMA size 23 3/8"


Servo Clamp, top mount. One clamp with one 4-40 screw.

Image Stock # Description Drawings
servo-clamp_drawing-adapted-as-product-photo_stock-140083_3 140083 Servo clamp, top mount Drawing | #140083

Mounting Flanges & Adaptors

Mounting flanges and adaptors allow for even more versatility and configurability with your Accu-Coder™ encoder.

Image Stock # Description Encoder models Drawings Available online
stock-175124_square-flange-plate_model-755a-shaft 175124 Square flange plate adaptor Model 755A n/a n/a
standard-cube-to-explosion-proof-housing-adaptor_stock-175125 175125

Adaptor plate for EPC cube encoders

For use with explosion-proof (EX) housing

Models 711, 715, 716 n/a n/a
stock-175126_standard-cube-round-flange_models-711-715-716- 175126 Standard cube round flange Models 711, 715, 716 n/a n/a
725-5py-adaptor-p 175494 5PY adaptor Size 25 n/a Shop online
cube_models-711-715-716-5py-adaptor 175443 5PY adaptor for 2.25" cube standard (S) housing Models 711, 715, 716 n/a Shop online
stock-175557-01_cube-style-adaptor_size-20 175557-01 Cube mounting adaptor for Size 20 series Model 702 Drawing | #175557-01 n/a


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