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Material Handling

Manufacturing operations of any size require some degree of transport and storage of materials, components, assemblies, and finished goods. These activities can be classified as material handling and often take place in warehouses or distribution centers. Rising labor and energy costs are driving facility managers to invest in improved productivity and efficiency via automated material handling systems.

Both automated and operator-controlled material handling equipment rely on sensors, including rotary encoders, to function safely and with precision. Spanning numerous industries, common material handling functions include conveying, warehousing, and heavy lifting.

Increased automation of material handling operations is a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. With expanding functionality and tighter performance demands on equipment, material handling system designers should keep rotary encoders in mind for motion control applications. Properly configured and specified, encoders can provide reliable, accurate, and durable feedback for complex material handling systems.

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Material handling functions


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