100 Series

Technical Bulletins

Our 100 Series of technical bulletins will give you specific information about EPC encoders, and guidance in specifying the right encoders and accessories for your applications.


When to Choose the CE Mark 

The CE (Conformite European) mark indicates that a product complies with any or all of the European Union (EU) directives, and will affect you only if your system is to be sold in Europe.

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EPC Part Number Description 

EPC is often asked, “Why are your part numbers so long?” The answer is that EPC’s encoders are highly-configurable sensing devices with many features and options.

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Index Gating Options

Encoder Products Company (EPC) offers several index pulse gating options on most encoder models. The index pulse is also referred to as the reference, marker pulse, or home pulse.

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Sealing Options for EPC Encoders

Encoder Products Company uses the international standard IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, for specifying the sealing qualities of our units.

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Effect of Mechanical Jitter

In an encoder, mechanical jitter is any vibration in the assembly affecting the relationship between signal producing components (i.e., disc, sensor, and light source).

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Encoders with Measuring Wheels

A common method for creating a linear measuring solution is to use a rotary encoder in conjunction with a measuring wheel. Learn how to find the right wheel for your linear measurement application.

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Specifying Output Types

Choosing the correct number of channels and the correct output type for an encoder can be the determining factor in whether or not a feedback system functions properly.

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Converting Between Signal Ended & Differential Outputs

The RX/TX and the RX/TXD allow an existing encoder with a single-ended output (Open Collector, Pull-up, or Push-Pull) to be used in applications where the differential signal type is required.

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M12 (12 mm) Connector Options

The economical M12 style connector offers a smaller profile than some other connectors , and offers sealing up to IP69K.

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Guidelines for Bore & Shaft Tolerances

Maintaining industry acceptable dimensions on shafts and bores is necessary to ensure the proper fit between encoders and the machinery they are installed on.

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