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  • Model 260 thru-bore
  • Model TR1 linear measurement solution
  • Model 15S/T shaft or thru-bore encoder


Model 260 Compact Thru-Bore Encoder

The Model 260’s larger bore (up to 0.625") and low profile make it the perfect solution for many machine and motor applications. Available in two distinct formats – a blind hollow bore and a complete thru-bore – the Model 260 uses EPC’s pioneering Opto-ASIC design.


  • Low profile 1.19"
  • Up to 12 pole commutation
  • Thru-bore and blind hollow bore styles
  • Simple, innovative flexible mounting system
  • Incorporates Opto-ASIC technology
  • CE marking available

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The Model 260 in a motor mount mixing application


Case study: EPC engineers worked with a customer to customize the Model 260 as a replacement for a discontinued encoder.


Model TR1 Tru-Trac™

The Model TR1 Tru-Trac™ linear measurement solution is a versatile option for tracking velocity, position, or distance over a wide variety of surfaces. An integrated encoder, measuring wheel, and spring-loaded torsion arm in one, compact unit, the Model TR1 is easy to install. The spring-loaded torsion arm offers adjustable torsion load, allowing the Model TR1 to be mounted in almost any orientation – even upside-down.


  • Encoder, measuring wheel & spring loaded torsion arm integrated into one compact unit
  • Spring-loaded torsion arm makes wheel pressure adjustments a snap
  • Easily installed in a vertical, horizontal or upside down orientation
  • Operates over a variety of surfaces at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute
  • Integrated module simplifies your system design, reducing cost

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Model TR1 in a packaging application

Model TR1 Demonstration


Models 15S & 15T/H

The Model 15S (shafted version) and Model 15T (thru-bore) or Model 15H (blind hollow bore) offers a high-performance feedback solution in a low-profile package.


  • High-performance, economical encoder
  • Low profile – 1.0" (25.4 mm) height and 1.5" (38 mm) diameter thru-bore or blind hollow bore with bores up to 0.375" (10 mm)
  • Simple, innovative flex mounting system (Global Mounting Standards)
  • Up to 12-pole commutation optional for brushless motor control

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The Model 15 encoders fit in tight spaces

See how the Model 15 works on the mirrors for motors at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii