TR2 Racks & Pinion Gears

Racks & Pinion Gears Description

When you need linear measurement with a rack-and-pinion gear, the Model TR2 Tru-Trac™ is your motion feedback solution. Choose stainless steel rack or durable flexible rack to get the right setup for your application. 


Model TR2 with stainless steel rack

Racks & Pinion Gear Ordering Guide

Image Stock # Description Available online
flexible-racks_tr2_closeup 161546

Flexible rack, 2 m, plastic

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guide-aluminum-for-flexible-rack_1m_161547 161547

Guide rail for plastic rack, 1 m, aluminum

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flexible-rack-clamps-and-screws_stock-161548 161548

Flexible rack clamps with screws, for plastic rack

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pinion_gear_flex_standing_176302_updated 176302

Pinion gear, for plastic rack

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stainless-steel-racks_tr2_closeup 176216 Stainless steel rack, 12" Shop online
stainless-steel-racks_tr2_closeup 176217 Stainless steel rack, 24" Shop online
stainless-steel-racks_tr2_closeup 176218 Stainless steel rack, 36" Shop online
pinion_gear_stainless_standing_176220_updated 176220 Pinion gear, stainless steel rack Shop online
spacer-block-stainless-steel-rack_tr2_stock-176219 176219 Spacer block, stainless steel rack Shop online


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