Quality Management System

EPC is known for the exceptional quality of our products and services. Preventive and quick corrective action are the cornerstone that keeps our systems and processes improving. Our uncompromising quality has been our strongest advantage during our many decades as a reliable encoder manufacturer.

Quality Policy

Encoder Products Company is committed to continual improvement of our quality management system in order to be recognized as the best design and manufacturing company in the world.

It is our policy to meet or exceed customer expectations and applicable ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and all requirements. This is accomplished by simultaneously providing high-quality products, fast delivery, excellent service, and expert technical support with a consistent drive to reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

ISO Compliance

With the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, EPC has demonstrated, on a consistent basis, the ability to provide products that meet our customer requirements and to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.

Encoder Products Company (EPC) is proud that our Americas Division and the European Division has had their Quality Management Systems successfully audited to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Americas Division

ISO 9001:2015

Encoder Products Company QMS Certificate (PDF)

Europe Division

ISO 9001:2015

British Encoder Products Company QMS Certificate (PDF)