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TB-111: M12 (12 mm) Connector Option

The economical M12 style connector offers a smaller profile than some other connectors , and offers sealing up to IP69K.

Economical, compact and uniform, the M12 (12 mm) style of connectors allow for a flexible installation of encoders in many applications. The M12 connectors’ associated cordsets have a tighter bend radius, allowing for versatility in their application.

The cordsets are also universal for each pinout. That is, the same 5-pin cordset will work with any Accu-Coder™ encoder with a 5-pin M12 connector; the same is true for the 8-pin M12 connector and cordset. The M12 connectors offer 5-pin or 8-pin options (encoders at right), and each pin on a given connector has the same function (see pinouts, below).


5-pin M12 connector and 8-pin M12 connector

Most motion control applications include sensors or other detectors in addition to encoders. Quite often these devices – for example, limit switches, proximity switches, etc. – also have M12 (12 mm) style connectors. Since all the 3-pin, 4-pin, and 5-pin cordsets are compatible with the 5-pin connector on the Accu-Coder™, you can stock fewer cordsets to cover multiple motion control devices, making this option even more cost effective.

Two types of cordsets are available for use with Accu-Coder™ encoders: Non-CE and CE (Conformité Européenne). For Non-CE cords, the shield is not connected to the coupling nut on the encoder end of the cable, and it is grounded on the controller end. For CE cordsets the shield is connected to the coupling nut on the encoder end of the cable, and it is also grounded on the controller end, which results in improved noise suppression and immunity. Despite this advantage, EPC recommends that the CE cordset is only used when the application requires it in order to avoid harmful grounding loops. When using a CE cordset take special caution to ensure proper machine bonding and grounding.


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TB-111 M12 Connector OPtion


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TB-111 Rev K, 12/08/2017