EtherNet/IP-enabled absolute encoders now available 

EPC’s 58 mm Ethernet absolute encoders now available with EtherCAT®, PROFINET®, and EtherNet/IP™

October 24, 2023




EPC’s 58 mm absolute encoders are now available with EtherNet/IP, the most common industrial Ethernet communication protocol in North America. With mechanical packages identical to previous models, the Model A58SE and Model A58HE Ethernet absolute encoders come in shaft (SE) and blind hollow bore (HE) styles, and are available with resolutions up to 16 bits single turn and 43 bits multi-turn.

Read the official EtherNet/IP press release here.

EPC’s 58 mm Ethernet absolute encoders offer

  • Available in three industrial Ethernet protocols:
    1. EtherNet/IP™ position sensor, DLR
    2. EtherCAT® with CoE, FoE, EoE – device profile: CiA DS-406 V4.0.2, Class 3
    3. PROFINET® I-O (CC-C) – device profile: switchable V4.1, Class 3, 4
  • Single turn/multi-turn (16-bit ST / 43-bit MT)
  • Maintenance-free, environmentally friendly design
  • Energy harvesting magnetic multi-turn technology
  • No gears or batteries
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Low TCO and easy provisioning from internal web server
  • Color LEDs for operating conditions, bus status, and link activity
  • Compact design with bus cover

Absolute encoders retain position information in the absence of power and eliminate the need for rehoming. When linear measurement with absolute feedback is required, EPC’s 58 mm EtherNet/IP encoders are compatible with the Model LCX draw wire and Model PLMS wheeled linear measurement solution.


58 mm absolute encoders with EtherNet/IP

Model A58SE

The Model A58SE is an industrial Ethernet absolute shaft encoder with a variety of mounting options and compatibility with the Models LCX and PLMS linear measurement solutions. See the Model A58SE product page for all product specs.

Model A58HE

The Model A58HE is an industrial Ethernet absolute blind hollow bore encoder with bore sizes from 6 mm to 15 mm (0.59 in). See the Model A58HE product page for the product specs.

Versatile, reliable absolute positioning

“Our A58HE and A58SE models feature rock-solid reliability and offer the advantage of easy programming to virtually any required resolution,” explains Justin Benz, EPC EtherNet/IP Project Engineer.

“These encoders also feature the ability to safely recover from power failures without data loss, while still maintaining a small package size and maintenance-free nature EtherNet/IP has become a dominant force in the landscape of industrial network protocols, and we are pleased to add EtherNet/IP as an additional communication protocol to our current EtherCAT and PROFINET offerings.”

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