Encoders on the job: VAIA Technologies

Turnkey vision solutions for automated product inspection

In this episode of Encoders on the Job, we visit VAIA Technologies, experts in machine vision technologies and automated product inspection solutions. Watch to see how machine vision is coupled with VAIA's Sure Label™ software to ensure consistent product quality.

Conveyor feedback ensures correct image resolution

Product inspection and rejection systems require perfect timing between conveyor and camera. Conveyor feedback is provided by a Model 25T mounted on the roller shaft and a surface-mounted Model TR1 with a measuring wheel.

EPC's Model 25T thru-bore encoder offers:
  • Standard Size 25 (2.50")
  • Bore sizes from 0.25" to 1.125"
  • Variety of flex mounts
  • Resolutions to 10,000 CPR
  • Sealing to IP66
  • Extended temp and a corrosion-resistant option
EPC's Model TR1 linear measurement solution offers:
  • Encoder, measuring wheel, & spring-loaded torsion arm in one compact unit
  • Operates at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute
  • Sealing to IP66
  • Extended temp and a corrosion-resistant option

Visit the product pages for all technical specifications. For help specifying an encoder for your application, contact us for more information.


Model 25T with SJ flex mount (left) and Model TR1 with urethane wheel (right)


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