Configurable vs. custom – what's the difference?

We're often asked, "what can we buy that's in stock?" While we don't stock completed encoders on the shelf, we do have everything ready to configure your encoder to order.



With supply chain concerns on everyone's mind, we're often asked, “what encoders do you have in stock?” and, “what can we buy off-the-shelf?” The answer is simple: nearly all of our standard products are manufactured in-house at our headquarters in Idaho, and are configured-to-order. What does that mean? Read on.

Standard encoders, configured-to-order

Think of ordering an EPC encoder like ordering a sandwich at a deli. All the parts are prepared and ready for assembly. Our standard catalog has about 40 products in it, plus twenty Direct Replacement models. But with all the options available, we offer millions of different encoder configurations!

Placing an order

Identify the encoder model you need from our catalog, like ordering the sandwich you want from the menu.

Select the appropriate mechanical and electrical options from the ordering guide on the product datasheet.



All of the components are prepared and waiting to be assembled. Once you order, we configure the encoder to your exact specifications and ship it out immediately.



The encoder you receive is specific to your application. It's configured with your unique combination of the standard options, so it's like getting a custom unit but what we'd call "off-the-shelf."


When a custom design is the solution

What if none of our standard models seem to fit your application needs? Contact us. Sometimes there is a standard model with your specs, and we’ll help you find it. If not, we can design a custom solution – maybe it’s adding a custom CPR to a standard model, or maybe it’s something completely unique altogether. In fact, we currently provide over a thousand custom designs. Our Application Engineering team is ready to support your special requirements.

Examples of custom designs

Commonly, custom requirements include the need for non-standard pinouts, connectors or cables, mounting features like bolt patterns, waveforms, or CPR. Two recent custom projects involved combing two standard products into one.

Stacked encoders for redundant feedback

Our customer needed redundant feedback in a compact package. We specified two of our smaller models – the Model 30M magnetic encoder module, and the optical rotary Model 15T. To reduce the overall stack height, we modified the Model 15T housing so the Model 30M nests inside.


Left: Models 30M (top) and 15T (bottom). Right: The final custom design is ∅1.5" and 1.5" high. By nesting the Model 30M in the Model 15T's housing, the unit's stack height was reduced by 0.1 inch (inset).

Programmable linear measurement with a draw wire

Our customer required the flexibility of a programmable encoder with draw wire capability. Because we already manufacture the Linear Cable Adaptor (LCA) – a 50" draw wire unit designed to pair with a Cube encoder – we could adapt the draw wire component to accept the Model 25SP programmable encoder instead of the Cube.


Left: LCA integrated with Model 25SP programmable encoder and mounting bracket. Right: Linear Cable Adaptor (LCA) and Model 25SP with programming interface.

Questions? Contact us

Not sure which encoder is right for your application? Give us a call. When you call EPC, you talk to real engineers and encoder experts who can help you specify the right encoder solution for your application. Contact EPC today. We'll help you find your motor feedback solution.


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