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What Is an Optical Encoder?

An optical encoder is a type of motion sensing device that uses light shone through a coded disk to track the movement...

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The NEW Model LCX Draw Wire Solution

Encoder Products Company’s new LCX Series draw wire units work with EPC encoders to accurately measure position and...

1 min read

The NEW Programmable Linear Measurement Solution

Encoder Products Company (EPC) has introduced a new addition to their line of linear measurement solutions. With EPC's...

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Cross Reference on the Fly!

In June 2018, EPC got to travel to an exotic locale: we were in Mexico City exhibiting at ExpoPack, THE show for...

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Applying Rotary Encoders in Packaging Equipment

Packaging equipment typically involves rotary motion along several axes. From spooling to indexing, sealing, cutting,...

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What Is an Encoder?

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If you Google encoder, you'll get a vast and confusing array of...